Our top priority is our participants’ mental and physical well-being, and witnessing their success through our support is truly rewarding.

Exceptional NDIS Support Tailored to Your Needs

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No participant is the same. Everyone has living requirements, life goals, and health needs that need to be matched with the appropriate support, including:

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Mental health

We help participants meet their mental health goals through planning. We assist in identifying activities that promote a positive connection with their family and friends.

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Disability Services

We offer seamless access to capacity-building programs, from meal preparation to gym memberships. We are one of the first NDIS providers to provide participants exclusive access to Disability Services (e.g., animal petting zoo) and nutritious meals through our organic garden.

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Nature-based interventions that allow people to engage with nature are recognised for improving their mood and calmness. We offer a safe space for participants to enjoy nature-based activities in our pool, a petting zoo, and homey retreat cabins.

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Disadvantaged Youth / Young Adults

Vulnerable and struggling young individuals, who have faced hardships, find solace in a nurturing and safe environment. Within this space or their own environment, they are embraced by compassionate support care providers who genuinely understand their unique challenges. Here, the focus is on their growth and well-being, as they receive the same level of support as any other participant under the NDIS program.

In this caring sanctuary, they are not defined by their past or the obstacles they have encountered. Instead, they are encouraged to discover their true potential and build a brighter future. Engaging in tailored training programs, they are equipped with invaluable skills that will empower them upon their eventual release.

Every step is taken to ensure their emotional, mental, and physical needs are met, fostering a sense of security and belonging. It is a place where they can heal, grow, and thrive, with caring individuals by their side, guiding them toward a path of hope and renewal.

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Support Independent Living

In addition to providing high-support assistance with daily tasks like dressing and cooking meals, our comprehensive support services extend to daily tasks, cleaning, and transport. Our dedicated team is trained to assist participants with personal grooming, bathing, medication reminders, managing appointments, and organising daily schedules. We also ensure a clean and hygienic living environment through regular tidying up, laundry services, bed making, and general housekeeping tasks. Moreover, we offer transportation assistance to enable participants to attend medical appointments, social gatherings, shopping trips, and other outings as needed. With overnight support available seven days a week, our aim is to empower individuals to live independently while receiving the necessary support and care they require.

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